SEO training with case study in Kochi
Rank your site with our live SEO case study
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    SEO training with case study in Kochi


    SEO course based on caste study

    We have introduced SEO course for entrepreneur as well as SMB with the help of case studies. The contents of the course comprise of detailed analysis and understanding of Search engine optimization by doing it practically. Our trainer would take you through the initial stage of setting up a website based on the benchmark case study. The trainer closely examines all the settings and inclusions existing on the website.

    After an in-depth analysis and website audit, the trainer takes you through process. During this training, you will get to know what kind of changes will make your site SEO friendly.
    Since it is a live training, you will have real experience on on-page and off-page optimization.

    Why learn through case studies

    This course is not One Size Fits All (OSFA). It means SEO training cannot be same as entrepreneur’s training. With the evaluation of case studies, the conceptual relevance can be implemented with precision. The problems and solutions are practically understood and hence, the training makes more sense for an entrepreneur or a businessperson.

    The juicy part of this training is, you will be working for your site under trainer’s guidance. Should you make any mistake or sloppy job, our trainer will correct you. There is no dearth techniques and guidance.

    Topics covered:

    • Understanding SEO
    • Understanding Search engine Algorithm
    • Website audit
    • Corrective action
    • Work on keyword
    • Content development
    • Working on webmaster
    • On page optimization
    • Off page optimization
    • Content marketing
    • Working on Google analytics
    • How to get meaningful visitors
    • Best organics ways to get regular visitors
    • Tools and techniques